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What a difference a season makes!

The season for change is here
What is it about the fall that reminds us that change is inevitable? Is it the leaves changing color, the crisp breeze, or that back-to-school buzz in the air that forces us to acknowledge that nothing stays the same and that change is coming.
This, fall instead of wasting time trying to hold onto the summer or anticipating the arrival of winter, try to embrace this beautiful season of change and consider what needs some change in your own life.
Ask yourself: “What kind of change would increase my happiness and well-being?” Is it your career? Your health? Is it your emotional state, mood, or attitude toward others that needs to change? As the leaves begin to brighten and ripen, let it become clear to you that if you want to make a change, the time is now.
Say you are considering a career change. This is the best piece of advice I ever received about this kind of change: “If you want to change fields, be sure to know what you don’t know and need to know, and then learn it.
If you are considering a new career path, begin by knowing and understanding exactly what you want to do and what you need to learn in order to be able to shift into the new career field.  This means taking inventory of your passions, skills, and strengths and supplementing your skill set with classes, seminars, or boot camps in the areas you may be lacking but will better prepare you for the new field you wish to enter.
Purposeful change is about making new choices but also equipping yourself with the skills or mindset to make the change possible.
Now is the perfect time to explore new opportunities, no matter what kind of change you are contemplating. Get out there and take a continuing education class at your local university or register for a class or two online at udacity. Or plan a trip that will get you out of your day-to-day and open the doors and windows of your mind to some new thinking and new possibilities. Even a one-day “sabbatical” can help to change the lens on your world.   
You can take your cue from the leaves and embrace bold, beautiful, and inevitable change. Or you can stay stuck in your fear of change and hope for the best. I say you take the risk, express your change desires to someone you trust, and prepare yourself for what’s possible. You won’t regret it!

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Enjoy My Top 20 Life Lessons in Celebration of My Birthday

20 Words to Inspire

Below are 20 words I’m thinking about right now. They are my gift to you on this special day!

1. Unconditional. No strings, no expectations, and no judgment. It’s also the best way—the only way—to truly love someone.

2. Forgiveness. There is no greater gift you can offer yourself than to forgive. Forgiveness is the cure for pains of the heart.

3. Prosperity. The secret to prosperity is to choose to live happily ever after below your means.

4. Simplicity. Remove five things from your to-do list, your desktop, and your closet today. Then do it again tomorrow. And again the day after. At some point you will discover the beautiful essence of simplicity in your life.

5. Focus. The science to moving forward in life is to focus on exactly where you are right now.

6. Mindfulness. Being fully present, entirely mindful is the most important (and utterly addictive) discovery of my adult life.

7. Happiness. I hold the key to my own happiness. Define what makes you fall to your knees in happiness and prioritize experiencing that joy daily.

8. Family. Cultivate, grow, expand and prioritize the love seeping across your family. Whether it’s the family you created at home, at work or the one you are born into, those relationships at the end of day are what matters most. Cherish them.

9. Resilience. No one teaches you how to be resilient and resourceful, yet survival—and success—depends on these qualities.

10. Play. Play is what human beings do naturally when they allow themselves to be themselves. Do more of this!

11. Smile. Measure the quality of your life in smiles. The more happiness you express with a smile, the more happiness is reflected back at you in others.

12. Do. We devour books, we study, we listen, and then we sit on our asses and do nothing. Wisdom is only attained by doing. Knowing is not enough, we must do.

13. Spirit. Prayer, meditation, faith and spirituality matter more than you think. You want to know yourself? A spiritual practice—any kind at all—is how to look inside.

14. Reboot. When you reach a point where you know you need a change, do not wait—do it now. The paradox of life is beautiful. Reinvention is a purposeful act of progress.

15. Choose. Sometimes the bravest thing to do is simply to choose.

16. Move. Travel, exploration, and just the simple act of moving shape how you see the world and how you see your role within it.

17. Hug. Oxytocin, the warm and fuzzy chemical in our brains, is released with every meaningful hug. Give someone a free fix and you’ll get one right back.

18. Hack. Hack your life, your family, and your work to create a unique culture composed of what matters most to you.

19. Closeness. Every day, we’re on a mission to hide or protect ourselves from others. Getting close to someone else is how you learn more about yourself.

20. Aim. Not all goals are meant to be met. Some goals just help us aim in the right direction.


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